Modeling the Tsunami of 27 February 2010 in Chile
Disaster Control Research Center, Tohoku University



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Modeling the Tsunami of 27 February 2010 in Chile
DCRC, Tohoku University

Tsunami Model Description

Geverning Equation : Linear Shallow Water Equations (Far-field model), Non-linear Shallow Water Equations (Near-field model)
Numerical Scheme : Leap-frog Finite Difference Method (TUNAMI-CODE of Tohoku University)
Spatial Grid Size : 5 arc-min. (Far-field model), 30 arc-sec. (Near-field model)
Bathymetry Data : GEBCO
Population Data : Landscan


Tsunami Source Model

Case 1

Mo = 2.0 x 10**22 Nm
Fault Length / Width : 450 km / 100 km
Source Mechanism (Strike, Dip, Slip) = (16, 14, 104) Reference :USGS
Dislocation : 15 m


Seismic Deformation Model Result

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Case 1


Near-field Tsunami Model Result and exposed population

Google Earth KML (Modeled tsunami height), click the image below


Full report (PDF, 2MB), click the image below


Mid-ocean Tsunami Propagation Model Movie(QuickTime Required)

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Case 1

Tsunami Waveforms

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Case 1

Tsunami in the Pacific

Pacific coast of Japan


Modeled Tsunami Height and Exposed Population

Modeled tsunami height and Exposed population (Case1)

How fast can we detect the impact of natural disaster ? This is a very critical problem to be solved in order to reduce the fatalities by any kinds of natural disasters. Recent advances of seismology, numerical modeling with modern computing power, remote sensing, and GIS analysis expands the capability to detect the impact of major tsunami disaster, as reported herein.

Modeled tsunami

Modeled tsunami along the Pacific coast of Japan

Modeled tsunami and exposed population in tsunami source area



Field survey in Kesen-numa city

Report of a post-tsunami field survey in Kesen-numa city. (in Japanese)

From a Helicopter

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Karakuwa, Miygi Pref.

Karakuwa, Miygi Pref.

Kesen-numa, Miygi Pref.

Kesen-numa, Miygi Pref.