About us

Tsunami Engineering Laboratory

Developing countermeasures against tsunami disaster is one of the significant issues for coastal communities, which has been realized to be more important especially after the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami. The Tsunami Engineering Laboratory in DCRC, Tohoku University is the only one laboratory that studies tsunami disasters based on engineering approach. In order to reduce the casualties and damages by the tsunami disasters, our research focuses on 1) generation mechanisms of tsunami and its impact on coastal environment and communities, 2) numerical modeling technique of tsunami and its transfer, 3) tsunami warning nd evacuation systems, 4) education program for disaster prevention activities in local community, 5) visualization of tsunami disaster by using computer graphics, and 6) analysis of historical tsunami events and its recurrence intervals.

LOGO of TIME Project

Especially, TIME (Tsunami Inundation Modeling Exchange) project is representative of our efforts, which transfers numerical modeling technique to at-risk countries and communities, such as tsunami damaged countries by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster, to support the reconstruction and tsunami disaster prevention activities.





Our Missions

  The major missions of our laboratory are...

  • Leading worldwide tsunami researches
  • Contribution to the tsunami disaster countermeasures in Japan and other at-risk countries
  • Research and social activities for disaster mitigations of the future Miyagiken-oki earthquake and tsunami
  • Development of education program for disaster prevention/mitigation activities in local community

Recent Reserch Projects

  • Research and education for tsunami disaster prevention/mitigation
  • International collaboration and contributions
  • Modeling and assessing Hazards
  • Damage estimation and detection, Remote sensing and GIS
  • Geological approach to estimate tsunami recurrence interval and hydrodynamic features of tsunamis