Daisuke Sugawara

Daisuke Sugawara
Name Daisuke Sugawara
Position Associate Professor
Academic Degree Doctor of Science
Expertise Geology, Sedimentology, Tsunami engineering
Completion of Undergraduate Course Division of GeoEnvironmental Science, Department of Science, Tohoku University, March, 1998.
Completion of Graduate Course Department of Earth Science, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, March, 2006.
E-Mail @
TEL +81-22-752-2087
FAX +81-22-752-2086
Research topics
  • Tsunami deposits and their sedimentary processes
  • History of paleo-earthquakes and tsunamis deduced from deposits
  • Tsunami-induced changes in coastal topography
  • Numerical modeling and simulation of tsunami sediment transport
  • Real-time Prediction of Inundation due to Storm Surges and High Waves
  • Citizen Participation Research on Digital Community for Disaster Risk Reduction
Link Tsunami Sedimentology Lab